reviveINDIANA :: Miami Co.

Wow! What an amazing Prayer Summit this was! As Nick led, several of us interceded and shared with him what we were hearing. Looking back, the Lord had us go through an inner healing session corporately! How beautiful is that? After we prayed for a day and a half, we were full and hit theContinue reading “reviveINDIANA :: Miami Co.”

reviveTX :: Sweetwater, Take 3

What a beautiful way to close out my time in Sweetwater. One of my teammates asked me to accompany him back to the apartment complex we were at last night because he wanted to follow up with someone. It just so happened that the person who he wanted to follow up with’s apartment was inContinue reading “reviveTX :: Sweetwater, Take 3”

ReviveTX :: Sweetwater, Take 2

Last year, the prayer team prayed over this apartment complex and saw much fruit when the entire team returned for the outreach. This week, the ministry held another worship night there and were able to follow up with some of the folks they had encountered before. I walked around the block passing out Bibles withContinue reading “ReviveTX :: Sweetwater, Take 2”