This morning I heard the Lord say to go out two by two. So, I joined Heather in distributing the flyers about the upcoming outreach in April. Heather targeted several business owners she knew personally and we were able to explain what we were doing and pray for many along the way.

During testimony time, a grandfather shared how he led several people to the Lord. His granddaughter went with him and told me she didn’t pray with anyone on this particular outreach. My heart was grieved as she had been on my team on previous trips and she eagerly prayed for those we encountered.

As we were leaving, I had an opportunity to encourage the grandfather to equip his grandchildren spiritually with the talents he had been given. I explained I never had a spiritual male leader in my family growing up and how it warmed my soul seeing him doing ministry with his granddaughter. He admitted he was focused on being the one to lead someone to the Lord rather than instructing his granddaughter how to go about it. He thanked me for input and accepted my challenge!

Psalms 78:2-4 “I will open my mouth with a parable; I will utter hidden things, things from of old—things we have heard and known, things our ancestors have told us. We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation
the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”

Play, Eat, Rest, Repeat

Spring Break with this crew! What a joy it was bringing in the new season with them!

Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


This morning, I got to stay back and pray as the teams hit the streets. I ended up having an opportunity to briefly pray with an individual and she had a sweet encounter with Jesus! I also got to play with several of the children who had returned to the church after having an outreach of their own!

After prayer, I was given a red gem and was told one of the gentlemen in the congregation uses this as part of his ministry. They explained how he places a red gem in the palm of someone’s hand and states “this is Jesus’s blood that was pour out for you on the cross.”

One of the little boys was fascinated by it and kept asking if he could have it. After his persistence, I knew the Lord wanted Him to have it, so I agreed to give it to him if he could explain its meaning. Oh, what a beautiful gift that was; seeing our future generation being wooed by the blood of Jesus!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Neil jokingly says we survived the Snowpocalypse of 2021! I am thankful we kept power so we’re able to keep warm and have fun during this week staying home due to the little bit of snow and mostly ice storm!

Romans 2:4

Lord, thank You for Your love that was poured out for us on the cross. Thank You for Your perfect love that casts out fear and that nothing can separate us from! We pray that we would be filled with Your love so we may pour it out onto others to bring You glory and honor! We thank You that Your love is patient and it is kind. We ask that You help us extend patience and kindness as You have shown us. Help us to love others even more than we love ourselves! Lord, we love You, need You, and are eternally grateful for all Your love! It’s in Jesus name we pray, amen!


This morning I felt led to stay back and pray; it was an amazing time! We spent the first part of our time listening and then the atmosphere shifted as we began making declarations about what we had heard! For example, I felt as if someone were choking me, so I declared people would experience freedom from abuse and for their voices to no longer be silenced. It was fun learning how the Lord answered our prayers while the teams shared their testimonies and experiences in the community!

I shared with the person I was sitting beside how my ovary hurt during prayer and how it the only thing that wasn’t addressed. She disclosed during one of their encounters the lady had facial hair and a team member commented she had a hormonal imbalance. How cool is that?

As we were sitting there, my thumb began itching and she admitted it was a word of knowledge for her. She felt as though she were under everyone’s thumb. I explained to her my limited background of inner healing and she set up a time for us to pray together. I can’t wait for her to begin experiencing freedom herself!

reviveTX :: Sweetwater, Take 3

What a beautiful way to close out my time in Sweetwater. One of my teammates asked me to accompany him back to the apartment complex we were at last night because he wanted to follow up with someone. It just so happened that the person who he wanted to follow up with’s apartment was in the exact area I was in the night before when my foot started hurting. There was a large group of people gathered there, so I just boldly walked up and asked them if anyone’s foot hurt. Pictured in the bottom right side with the red shirt is the person who stepped forward. My team prayed for his healing and shared the gospel with him. He was healed and while we were still talking to him, Alisha walked over to us. She was the person who gave her her life to the Lord last night and got baptized that I didn’t have an opportunity to get her information from! Long story short, Alisha has 45 days clean and is looking for women to hold her accountable! We exchanged information and I was able to pray with her! I just love how the Lord worked all that out in His timing!

This afternoon, Aimee and I prayed for all the prayer requests of the teams that were out in the community. We made a pit stop at a local coffee shop and as we were making our way back to the church, we drove by two of the teams that had posted their requests! How fun is that? We even encountered the mobile baptismal as they were about to baptize someone, so were able to stop and help the family celebrate in this glorious occasion! What a beautiful way to wrap up the outreach in this small community!

ReviveTX :: Sweetwater, Take 2

Last year, the prayer team prayed over this apartment complex and saw much fruit when the entire team returned for the outreach. This week, the ministry held another worship night there and were able to follow up with some of the folks they had encountered before.

I walked around the block passing out Bibles with two of my teammates. My foot began hurting and I shared with those I was with that we should be looking for someone who’s foot is hurting, as I believed the Lord wanted to heal them. I was disappointed, as we didn’t find anyone along our journey. When we got back to where everyone was assembled, I was introduced to a young lady that wanted to give her life to the Lord and get baptized. She went upfront and was ministered to before I had an opportunity to pray for her and exchange information with her.

During alter call, I had the opportunity to pray with a stay-at-home mother of 5 and Ms. Connie who happened to have the same birthday as Aimee. We ended up walking her back to her friend’s apartment and pray for her friend’s health.

Power in Poverty

What a great way to kick off this outreach! A group of us prayed over the city and we ended up going from the wealthiest to the poorest areas. Our prayer was for the Lord to pour out the riches of His Kingdom and to replace the hopelessness with the hope that can only be found in Him!

The girls and I went out for ice cream this afternoon. We ended up praying for the cashier’s knee. As one of my teammates was praying, my hip began to hurt. When she finished, I asked the cashier if her hip was bothering her too, she said no. When we got outside, I shared that sometimes my hip hurting means that someone is wrestling with the Lord. My teammate who prayed admitted she was doubting if her prayer would work. She agreed to return to the store before the end our time in Sweetwater to see if the Lord answered her! I love how the Lord stretches us and uses us to sharpen one another!

That evening, during our outdoor worship service, there were two car wrecks that occurred directly across the street. (We intentionally positioned ourselves directly in front of a crack house.) Talk about a manifestation and evidence of the two kingdoms colliding! More Lord, more! Join us in our continued prayer for His light to penetrate and overtake the darkness in this neighborhood, in Jesus’ name!


What an amazing way to kick off 2021! reviveTUPELO was hosted by my church this month and the girls from the Transformation House were able to join us.

Casey heard graveyard as we prayed for direction of where to go, so we went to the nearest cemetery. We prayed for a family who recently lost someone they loved then went to the Salvation Army. There, we met Jessie, who was homeless. He gave his life to the Lord, we were elated!

We returned later in the afternoon to check on him and see if he was willing to get help for addiction. He said yes! While we were transporting him to a Christ-centered recovery center, we told him about Casey’s word graveyard! We explained how the Lord redeemed him…by going from death to life spiritually and how he can remain free from the bondage of addiction by continuing seeking the Lord in the recovery house!

Please continue praying for Jessie as he begins walking out his journey with the Lord!

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