Peace in the Midst of Chaos

As Neil and I were driving, we passed several cars that had stopped on the shoulder of the road near a car that was in the ditch. He switched into his law enforcement role and pulled over to assist until the first responders arrived. As he put the car into park, I immediately began feeling trauma, fear, and anxiety. I knew this was not mine, so I thanked the Lord for allowing me to experience what the victim was feeling, and then commanded it to leave. I told Neil that I would just stay in the car and pray.

As I was looking in my side mirror, the Lord responded “I did not call you to sit, but to go and carry My presence with you.” Immediately, I jumped to my feet and headed to the accident. With each step, I felt bolder, stronger, and more at peace. I knew this was Holy Spirit taking over, as I had no idea what I was going see.

As I approached, Neil had Ms. Lee Ann’s hand and she was weeping. She had her seat belt on at the time of the accident, so her injuries were minimal. She complained of her neck burning and head hurting. Neil instructed her to remain still until the ambulance arrived. I asked her if she would allow me to pray with her and she said “yes.” Neil and I exchanged positions and I now had Lee Ann’s hand in mine.

I prayed for the Lord to impart His peace. I could feel her relax almost to the point of us both passing out because of the heaviness of His glory falling upon us. I confirmed she was a believer and she showed me a scar on her chest saying He’s saved her life. I reminded her He just did it again! With her permission, I led her through an Emanuel moment. I recited Matthew 14:22-33 to her about the disciples being on the boat and seeing Jesus walking up to them on the the water. She described the water, what Jesus looked like and heard Him tell her everything was going to be alright and that she was His beloved.

As we concluded our time together, she made the statement that she just wanted to go and see a friend. I chuckled and told her that the Lord did one better and came to visit her right here instead. By now, several law enforcement officers had arrived. Each stated they couldn’t believe her car didn’t flip. Neil, Lee Anne and I all know the Lord had His hand on her the whole time, amen?


I just learned of an amazing testimony the Lord let me be a part of!  While I was still working at the shelter, I began counseling a survivor over the phone.  We started with 15 minute sessions, which built up to 30 minutes and then graduated to in person meetings.  During one of our appointments, I led her to the Lord using a TTR bracelet.  She was baptized at the Christ-centered recovery ministry I was involved with.  

Last week the Lord prompted me to reach out to her and I discovered she has helped kick off a Biblically based 12-step ministry at her church last month!  I stand in awe of this transformed life!  She went from barely being able to speak on the phone about her trauma to now helping lead a ministry that assists others overcome their struggles!  Glory to God in the highest!

May the Lord Bless and Keep Tupelo

Tonight we launched a weekly prayer walk through the streets of Tupelo, MS. Come join us every Thursday evening at 5:30 to proclaim life and blessings over our community! Contact me for meeting locations, as we gather in a different place each time!

The Lord’s Perfect Timing

Neil dropped me off at the door of Walmart to grab a few items. When I headed to the parking lot, a car surrounded by several middle school kids on bicycles caught my eye. As I took a closer look, I realized it was our car!

When I approached, they were telling Neil one of them had a flat and they needed to buy a tube. However, security approached them and made them leave. Neil suggested only a few to go inside and make the purchase while the others remained outside with us. I love how the Lord orchestrated this opportunity for me to pray and present the Gospel to them. None made Jesus their Lord, but He promises to provide the increase, amen? What a fun and unexpected blessing from the Lord!

A First!

This was the first outreach reviveMS held in Fulton. The team saw numerous salvations and baptisms today! It’s exciting to know we have folks in a new community equipped to share the Gospel!

As we concluded, the church asked if they could pray over us. What a blessing that was!

Fulton, MS Will Be Saved!

Today Alex and I ended up ministering to a couple for most of the day. The boyfriend was a recovering alcoholic and welcomed us immediately. However, when his girlfriend Sherri found out we were there to share about what the Lord had done in our lives, she became angry. The Lord prompted me to change the subject. It turns out she was mad at God after her husband died and because her ex-husband sexually abused their daughter.

She disclosed she had a hard time with comprehensive reading, but she could follow along to someone else reading aloud. So, I asked permission to read through the 5 verses of the Bible with them and they both welcomed the idea. Before leaving, Sherri and I exchanged numbers, her boyfriend is excited about going to church with Alex this Sunday and she welcomed our prayers! God is so good!

As we exited the apartment, we noticed a large part of our group had gathered at our rally point. While just standing there, Maxine stepped out of her apartment and a little kitten tried getting in. I made a b-line towards them and the precious kittens. For all of those who know me, I was offered one of them and declined. This is huge, as I am an animal lover. I ended up getting to pray for her and going through the Bible and band with her, her daughter and granddaughter. Please continue to lift Maxine up in prayer as she is still grieving the death of her daughter who’s daughter she is raising.

A New Heart

Before anyone even hit the street, someone wanted to be baptized! Whohoo! There is nothing more motivating than that to send us out with expectant hearts!

As my team drove, a medical cross directly a crossed the street caught our eye. We pulled into the parking lot and began interceding for the office. I disclosed I saw a vision of a cracked bell earlier. I googled bell in Tupelo. Christopher Belle’s name caught my eye. He is a cardiologist at NMMC. We prayed into the Lord wanting to give the people in our community a heart transplant. As we were praying, someone remembered a little boy was killed and 8 people were going to receive one of his organs. The number 8 in the Bible is significant and represents new beginning, hope, resurrection! While we were still praying, someone pulled in front of our vehicle because she was having trouble with her bumper. We loved how the Lord brought the person to us that needed ministering to, we didn’t have to search them out!

To continue with the bell theme, we drove to Taco Bell. We noticed a young girl getting out of a car and running to the entrance. Due to covid regulations, it was locked. She banged on the door, ran back to the car and went through the drive thru again. The “Jesus is Enough” bumper sticker on the back caught my eye. Of course the Lord saw fit for them to pull into a parking spot so we could to minister to the four people in the car. Despite what the sticker said, not everyone in the car knew Jesus. Please be praying they all come to know Him as their Savior.

When we returned to the church, we met Jessie. He gave his life to Jesus and was baptized outside of a liquor store! Please join our team in praying for him as he learning how to live life without numbing his pain through mood altering substances.

Am I Enough?

I decided to fast and pray for the Lord to change my heart about raising support. I have always been the person on the other end of giving and it’s not easy for me to ask for help. The core lie the enemy has used against me my entire life has been “you are not good enough.” The Lord showed me I was buying back into that lie and was making it all about me…my worth, my effort, my strength. When my belly began to growl and I wanted to eat, I kept hearing the Lord say “Am I Enough for you?” “Yes Lord.”

As I have continued walking this out, my friend keeps reminding me “His blood is what makes you worthy and it’s Him who moves people’s hearts to sow into His Kingdom, not you!” It brought to my remembrance what I have learned about presenting the Gospel on the street…the result is not up to us, but Him! Talk about a relief and taking the pressure off of us!

Lord, I thank You for Your patience and Your gentle reminders to keep my eyes on You and off myself and my circumstances. Lord, forgive me when I become prideful and think that I can do things in my strength and not Yours. Lord, I praise You for being enough, for without You I am nothing. Please help me keep my eyes on You and You alone Lord! It’s in Jesus name I pray, amen.

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121

5th Sunday

Our church does not have a traditional gathering on the months we have 5 Sundays. Instead of service, we go out of the building and into the community to share the love of Christ by praying and presenting the Gospel. We also have teams that help with projects such as moving, lawn work, etc.

No more did we get out of the driveway and I heard “x marks the spot.” I instantly knew what the Lord meant. As I let our dogs out this morning, I noticed one of the strands of lights that criss cross over our porch were out. When I saw it, I thought it might be prophetic. When I heard “x marks the spot” I understood it’s meaning. There was one person in our very backyard the Lord wanted us to share His receptive story to. There was one individual who needed His light in their life.

I shared this with Neil and he agreed Jonah and his girlfriend were our special assignment today. As we walked them through the Bible and wristband, the Holy Spirit touched Jonah. They both agreed to begin attending church where Crystal used to go when she was younger. As we concluded, I heard the Lord say “now I will provide the increase.” I am excited to hear their testimonies as He continues moving and stirring in their hearts, amen?

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