Proverbs 14:31

img_8830My team went to meet up with a group that ministers to the homeless.  Once a week they pull a trailer filled with different items into a centralized parking lot and give out numbers to those seeking services. When they call your number, they give each person a hygiene bag, clothing, tents and sleeping bags as donations allow.  While we were there, the team was able to pray for everyone individually.

I connected with Debbie.  She had a strong personality and used humor to deflect her pain.  I felt her anxiety and trauma.  She was very guarded and wouldn’t allow us to pray for her.  But, the Lord gave me a small opening to speak life into her and clarify her giftings of prophecy and discernment to her at the very end of our encounter.  She admitted she knew the Lord was with her and was never alone even though she feels like it most of the time.  I am praying the Lord continues ministering to her while she dreams, so she can live out her destiny in who He has created her to be.

I also connected with Nikki.  She explained she and her boyfriend hitchhiked up here all the way from Florida last week.  She stated her mother lives here, was just diagnosed with cancer, and has been the guardian of Nikki’s 12 year old son.  Nikki believes the  Lord is trying to bless her since she has arrived in Ohio.  She said she knows Jesus as her Savior, but admitted she never made Him Lord over her life.  During our conversation, she told us she was in an auto accident and still experiences pain in her legs.  She allowed us to pray and she was elated that her pain left her.  Later, she said she needed transportation to run several errands.  Another one of my teammembers prayed the Lord would provide her a way to get these tasks completed.

When we arrived at our noontime church, we found out another team had pulled up to Nikki and her boyfriend and asked them if there was anything they needed.  Nikki said she needed a ride to go see her mom at the hospital.  Needless to say, the team provided her a ride and affirmed how the Lord was pursuing her!  I took her information down and she was paired with someone to disciple her!  I am excited to find out how the Lord continues moving and pursuing this precious soul!

Published by Susan Naron

I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I am humbled that He calls me His own! I am learning to walk more boldly and confidently in who He has created me to be. My prayer is others will come to know Jesus as their Savior, identify with who they are in Him so they too can walk out the calling He’s places on their lives!

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