Journey of Equipping

I am a team member of a ministry that helps equip the saints for the return of Christ.  One of the things we focus on is getting the church comfortable sharing the Gospel.  We break out in teams of four and minister in the communities where we are invited.  Because of this, it’s given me the boldness to incorporate what I’ve been learning.  Through the ministry, we have also been trained in inner healing and deliverance.  So, we can easily pray a quick prayer to break people free from certain strongholds without the individual even realizing they are being “delivered”, but just experience the Lord restoring them back to wholeness.  As I am writing this, please know the individual we are praying with is wanting freedom, and we aren’t just imposing our desires and beliefs upon them.

When encountering someone in the street, it’s easy to ask them if they need healing in the specific area I am feeling pain.  If their answer’s yes, then I would ask if they would allow me to lay hands on them to pray for that area.  I have learned to have them state where their pain level is at on a scale of one to ten before praying and then again after.  Also, I try to encourage them to try something that they couldn’t do before to test it.  This gives them the opportunity to put their faith into action.  If they have been totally healed, then praise the Lord!  If not, ask if you could pray another quick prayer and test it again.  I have seen the Lord instantly heal people, and then have had others call me a few days, even weeks later saying they were totally healed.

On one of the teams that I went out on, I was with someone who didn’t believe signs and wonders were for today.  As we were talking, my knee began hurting.  Not to far from where we were standing, we saw someone on a cane.  I knew the Lord was wanting to heal her.  I asked her if her knee was hurting and she said it was her neck and back.  We prayed for her and her pain level went from an 8 to zero, amen?  The other half of of our team ran into her after we did and she said she had no pain, but continued using the cane to help her with her balance!  They were able to pray for her about her balance for complete healing, amen?  I asked the Lord why I was feeling knee pain instead of back and neck pain.  He reminded me I usually feel knee pain in connection with pride.  This makes sense because of my team member’s theology.  After witnessing the healing, there was no denying the Lord’s power is still for today.

While I am on the topic of signs and wonders, I want to include another experience I had.  A few years ago, I had several friends who consistently went to Dalton, GA to visit the “Flowing Oil” ministry.  For those of you not familiar with this ministry, their team reported oil supernaturally flowing from a Bible.  People came from all over to see the Bible, receive prayer and receive a vial of this oil to take with them.  Before my friends and I left, the Lord impressed in my spirit I was not to go, as it was not in my jurisdiction.  However, I went anyway.  I justified it to Him saying I wanted to see one of His miracles.  As I was watching my friends experience prayer and receive words of knowledge, I was in the corner doubled over in pain.  I knew He didn’t shield me from the atmosphere because He had already instructed me not to go.  About halfway home I heard Him clearly state that I am not to follow signs and wonders, but they are to follow me.  I wept and repented.  I include this illustration not to diminish that ministry, but as a warning. If He instructs you not to do something, He’s not punishing you, it’s for your protection.

I want to follow that with an example of Him showing up and showing out!  During a reviveTX outreach, my team ended up on a gravel road. We saw a couple looking for their lost dog. It was amazing how the Lord used nature to speak to the lady. She disclosed she lost custody of her children while she was in active addiction. I noticed a grasshopper jump out in front of us.  I encouraged her with Joel 2:25, as I believe the Lord wanted her to know He is going to restore the years the locusts have eaten.  Not long after that, a gust of wind blew as we prayed for peace. I encouraged her to breath in His peace and exhale all fear, worry, and anxiety.  As I was physically feeling the weight that she was carrying, I explained how the Lord wants to carry her burdens and as I released that, a donkey began braying!  It gave me the opportunity to explain donkeys are burden bearers and Matthew 11:28-30 says His yoke is easy and His burden is light! I still grin as I think about how real and tangible He made Himself to her! She and her boyfriend ended up attending two of our meetings!

I was given an opportunity to go to Israel with my mother the same week we had an outreach at my birthplace but the Lord told me “no.”  I needed to first be faithful in the small things before I could experience the much.  I knew I had to minister to my family before He would allow me to experience the Holy Land.  Plus, after the pain I endured from being disobedient in Dalton, I didn’t want to push it again.  This go around, I passed the test.  Even though to this day I still long to go to Israel, the Lord blessed me by having my team in Ohio to minister to my entire family!  It was the first time everyone had gotten together since the celebration of my uncle’s life a year and a half earlier. Thank you Lord for your healing and restoration.

After I returned home from Ohio, I felt He had released me to be able to go on a mission trip outside the US.  Up until then, I had no desire because I felt there was too much work to do right here.  However, now He has been speaking to me about Brazil and given me a love for the Latino culture.  I am anxiously awaiting His prompting and the opportunity to go and see Him move in different ways than I have ever experienced before!

Published by Susan Naron

I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I am humbled that He calls me His own! I am learning to walk more boldly and confidently in who He has created me to be. My prayer is others will come to know Jesus as their Savior, identify with who they are in Him so they too can walk out the calling He’s places on their lives!

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