Peace in the Midst of Chaos

As Neil and I were driving, we passed several cars that had stopped on the shoulder of the road near a car that was in the ditch. He switched into his law enforcement role and pulled over to assist until the first responders arrived. As he put the car into park, I immediately began feeling trauma, fear, and anxiety. I knew this was not mine, so I thanked the Lord for allowing me to experience what the victim was feeling, and then commanded it to leave. I told Neil that I would just stay in the car and pray.

As I was looking in my side mirror, the Lord responded “I did not call you to sit, but to go and carry My presence with you.” Immediately, I jumped to my feet and headed to the accident. With each step, I felt bolder, stronger, and more at peace. I knew this was Holy Spirit taking over, as I had no idea what I was going see.

As I approached, Neil had Ms. Lee Ann’s hand and she was weeping. She had her seat belt on at the time of the accident, so her injuries were minimal. She complained of her neck burning and head hurting. Neil instructed her to remain still until the ambulance arrived. I asked her if she would allow me to pray with her and she said “yes.” Neil and I exchanged positions and I now had Lee Ann’s hand in mine.

I prayed for the Lord to impart His peace. I could feel her relax almost to the point of us both passing out because of the heaviness of His glory falling upon us. I confirmed she was a believer and she showed me a scar on her chest saying He’s saved her life. I reminded her He just did it again! With her permission, I led her through an Emanuel moment. I recited Matthew 14:22-33 to her about the disciples being on the boat and seeing Jesus walking up to them on the the water. She described the water, what Jesus looked like and heard Him tell her everything was going to be alright and that she was His beloved.

As we concluded our time together, she made the statement that she just wanted to go and see a friend. I chuckled and told her that the Lord did one better and came to visit her right here instead. By now, several law enforcement officers had arrived. Each stated they couldn’t believe her car didn’t flip. Neil, Lee Anne and I all know the Lord had His hand on her the whole time, amen?


Published by Susan Rice

I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I am humbled that He calls me His own! I am learning to walk more boldly and confidently in who He has created me to be. My prayer is others will come to know Jesus as their Savior, identify with who they are in Him so they too can walk out the calling He’s places on their lives!

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