The first time I went out on a team with Revive Tupelo, the Lord taught me numerous things. The father of the young lady on our team told us to let her hit the ball out of the park. We prayed before leaving the church and the Holy Spirit gave us the word converse. Once we were in the car, we looked at the map and noticed there was a park with in the area we were supposed to cover. Due to all these promptings, we felt we should be looking for a person in converse shoes at a ball field.

We found a park with numerous little league teams playing football. Right away, we noticed an elderly lady standing by herself and our leader felt led to pray with her. The young lady on our team began praying for our leader. Instead of just wondering what the Lord was up to, we asked God for direction and wisdom.  What an example and lesson to remember!

Most everyone at the park was wearing Nike shoes; however, we spotted a young man wearing converse shoes. He was a believer and a team member prayed with him.

Our team leader saw a teenager sitting by herself in a dug out. They both lost someone they loved at an early age.  Our leader was able to encourage her to pray for the Lord to help her forgive and to soften her heart. Talk about a homerun!

On our way back to the church, we stopped at the Buffalo Park.  I felt led to pray for the elderly man and his granddaughter. This left me encouraged that I too was able to be a part of this amazing ministry. I learned to ask specifically what in their life we could pray about instead of if we could pray for them.

As we were about to leave, one of the members on the team asked for us to pray for them. Man, did God open my eyes…instead of thinking I had to look elsewhere, sometimes the person who needs to be ministered to is closer than we think! AND…as we pulled into the church parking lot, we all realized that the Lord didn’t mean an actual brand of shoe, but converse is short for CONVERSATION!


Published by Susan Rice

I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I am humbled that He calls me His own! I am learning to walk more boldly and confidently in who He has created me to be. My prayer is others will come to know Jesus as their Savior, identify with who they are in Him so they too can walk out the calling He’s places on their lives!

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