Prophecy 6/23/17

img_7098I sense God saying to you that you coming here for this conference is a time of real advancement for you in the spiritual realm.  You are absorbing so much and there is so much impartation and anointing going forth from the speakers, from the worship, and all; that your life is being impacted in ways that you don’t even comprehend right now.

That as you go home some things are going to happen with family and family members. They are going to sense something is different about you.  Your friends and other people from church something is different about you.  I sense God saying that there is a new level of joy coming to you, even as you have been here, there has been some healing going on in your heart and there is a new determination that is coming forth in you.

As you hear testimonies from the speakers, yes that is for me to, not just for them, but I am grabbing hold of that for me.  God says as you do that, it is going to have a much bigger impact in your life than you realize.  Because I have called you to be one that is going to help set people free.  You are going to help other people receive healing from me and bring them into the Kingdom because you have a compassionate heart.  A heart to serve, a heart to help, a heart to just love people that are broken and hurting.

You are one that will go out on the highways and byways and find those hurt ones to bring them in so they can be healed and be revived back to life.  Daughter I am well pleased with you.  You have already made a difference in people’s lives, but as you leave this conference, it will be different and at a whole new level.  Not just one level up, but two, three levels higher in the spiritual realm because I am increasing your capacity for unconditional love both to receive and to give out.

I am pouring my oil of joy and my love into you that is going to bring healing to some of those places, those broken areas of your heart that aren’t fully healed.  You have experienced measures of healing at different points over the years, but you suffered some hurts, that haven’t been totally bound up.  But today, today is a day of healing for you.  This conference is a time of healing for you so you will be even more motivated to go and release that healing into the lives of others so that you will literally be able to save peoples lives.

There are many in your generation that are so broken, so lost and so hopeless, and discouraged and depressed that they want to take their own life.  But daughter, you are going to be one that breathes life back into them and speak the truth in love.  But they are going to sense love from you and a new level of joy and they are going to experience hope from you as you are an encourager, a hope giver.

It’s like you are one that gives seeds of hope every where you go and it’s even going to surprise yourself as to the impact.  That even some of the simplest expressions of caring are going to have on people who are so broken and they are almost to their breaking point and they are waiting for someone like you to show them some expression of love because they aren’t feeling loved.  They aren’t feeling no hope, they are wondering, they think what’s the point of living?  They have no sense of purpose or destiny.  But you are going to be able to share with them that I made them, not one of them is an accident, not one of them is unwanted, not one of them was made without purpose.  But I formed every single one of them in their mother’s womb for a specific purpose.  God says if they are here on this earth, then I have purpose for them.  Cause I didn’t have to make them, but I did.  I chose them.  They are my chosen ones.  You are my chosen one.

Daughter, there have been people that have said things and done things to you even many years ago that have been hard for you to forgive. This is a time for complete forgiveness, when you will be able to.  Because you know, in your mind and even in your heart that a lack of forgiveness only hurts you more than them.  But I am bringing you full circle.  Daughter, complete forgiveness is there which is going to release a tremendous release of life to you and others.  You will have testimony to give.

Even as you do experience the rest of this conference there are going to be testimonies that you will have of the different changes that I have brought about in your life.  Your understanding in spirit, soul and body and in your relationships.  Even all the work of your hands that are going to impact other’s lives.  So daughter know these difficult times of dealing with pain and hurt were preparation, they are part of the process.  God says I was with you the whole time.  God says I am not angry with you.

God says I love you and there is nothing you can do that would be so bad to cause me to not love you.  You don’t have to earn my love because you already have it.  There is nothing that you could do to earn my love any more than I love you, because I am already at full capacity in the love that I feel towards you.  Daughter, know that that love is something you are going to experience in a much greater way so that you can release that and share that with others so that literally be not just life changing but life saving.

You are a life guard, a life changer in the spirit realm.  There is going to be such blessing and reward for you as you lead others into my Kingdom and into my freedom and lead them into a place of life and truth that you will never look back.  You are only going to see the negative experiences of the past as stepping stones to the next victories.  God says daughter, I am well pleased with you and I love you.

Published by Susan Naron

I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I am humbled that He calls me His own! I am learning to walk more boldly and confidently in who He has created me to be. My prayer is others will come to know Jesus as their Savior, identify with who they are in Him so they too can walk out the calling He’s places on their lives!

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