Open – Part 2


This afternoon my team returned to the church in time for me to attend a meeting about how to become a team member with Time To Revive.  I was called “lint” before I even went out on my first outing, so I wanted to see what this was all about.  Two of the first people I had an opportunity to talk to were team members with Time to Revive and I don’t believe in coincidences.

During the meeting, I felt peace as Kyle shared about the position and all that it entailed.  I have been praying that this is where the Lord wants me to serve Him as I have grown more in the past few months spiritually than I have my entire life.  My only desire is to continue serving in this capacity and growing closer to Him.

Even before I knew about this ministry, the Holy Spirit whispered the word BODY to me.  I started with myself, then with my church, and then the Lord revealed that Revive Tupelo was many churches in the community coming together working as one BODY in Christ.  This evening’s topic was on that very scripture.

Next, do you remember me sharing the Lord gave me the word OPEN during the first Revive Tupelo training?  I took a picture of a banner in the church that morning of a door opening to heaven.  Then, you will never guess what the prophetic painting was during the service…yes, an OPEN door!

I have always stated that if I found a ministry that reached others for Christ better than where I was currently serving, I would join them. The Lord revealed that to me too. Tammy, the person that Kyle led to Christ (Revive Tupelo, Day 2 video) during her smoke break, sat at my dining room table once a week for a year working Christ-centered 12 steps. I thought she was saved; I missed it. The trainings I have been involved in the past focus on how to best run the ministry and TTR training focuses on Jesus and reaching others for Him! The Lord is changing me and He has given me a yearning to do this full time.

I am still uncertain about all of the details, but I am certain the Lord gave me confirmation that this is my new calling! Please join me in praying about my new endeavor and I remain right in the center of His will and prompting.

Published by Susan Naron

I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I am humbled that He calls me His own! I am learning to walk more boldly and confidently in who He has created me to be. My prayer is others will come to know Jesus as their Savior, identify with who they are in Him so they too can walk out the calling He’s places on their lives!

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