Crossing Guard

img_1585As many of you know, I am a new Crossing Guard at one of the elementary schools here in Tupelo.  Even though it’s only been a week,  I have already learned that when I see the gentleman putting up the cones to block to school drive, then my morning task is complete.  Today was my first day to do this by myself; so when I saw him, I was feeling extra good knowing all of my kiddos made it safely to their destination.  As I was leaving my post,  the morning sun blinded me and I had a spiritual awakening.  All I could think of was how glorious the Son’s light will be once we get heaven.

As I  shared earlier this week that I have been learning about the end of times in the Biblical Theology class I am taking.  We have just covered the judgements and man did that open my eyes!   In Revelation 9 it tells us that it gets so bad that people will long to die, but death will elude them.  I can’t imagine how awful that will be, all because they did not repent and denied Jesus as Lord.  What is even worse, is this just lasted a little while and not for all eternity.

Getting back to the epiphany…I saw myself as a crossing guard…on one side of the road people had to wait to get the bus and on the other side was the only way to heaven.  I could only allow folks to continue on their journey towards heaven if they knew the Lord.  I had to hold up that stop sign and not allow the others to go any further if they hadn’t accepted Christ as their Savior.  It was painstaking because I was left standing with the people that were waiting for the bus to hell.  As I looked around, I noticed I recognized every person there.  As they waited, they  began sobbing and asking me why I never shared the Good News of Christ with them.

From this vision, my prayer is I stay in tune with His Spirit and take time to STOP and share the Good News with all who have ears to hear so I can assist them in CROSSING safely into God’s Forever Family.  My hope is that I will hear “well done, good and faithful servant” upon the completion of my time here on earth and…I don’t miss anyone the Lord puts in my path and there is not one person waiting on the bus because of my neglect!

My challenge for you today is to stop one person and ask if they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are going to heaven…and if they don’t, share with them how they can spend eternity with our Lord!  If you are that person that is questioning where you will go after you die, just ask me!  I would love to share some scripture with you!

Published by Susan Naron

I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I am humbled that He calls me His own! I am learning to walk more boldly and confidently in who He has created me to be. My prayer is others will come to know Jesus as their Savior, identify with who they are in Him so they too can walk out the calling He’s places on their lives!

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