The Part About The Feeler Anointing

The Part About The Feeler Anointing

Things To Come…

As my mom and I were looking at the Christmas Star of 2020 (or Jupiter and Saturn converging) I felt birthing pains and she felt the spirit of death…total opposites. I believe the Lord was reminding us of 1 Corinthians 15:21-22 “For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes alsoContinue reading “Things To Come…”


Jonah, my step son, asked me for help to interpret his dream. As he was sharing and we were discussing it, my left and right ear began to hurt. I told Jonah the Lord speaks to me through pain. I commented my left ear hurting means someone is listening to lies of the enemy andContinue reading “Listen!”


Through this journey, I discovered I had to ask what He was revealing to me.  As I shared before; first, I had to identify if the pain was for me, for someone else, or for a stronghold in a specific area.  I always asked the Lord to reveal to me what each pain meant.  SometimesContinue reading “Intel”

Journey of Equipping

I am a team member of a ministry that helps equip the saints for the return of Christ.  One of the things we focus on is getting the church comfortable sharing the Gospel.  We break out in teams of four and minister in the communities where we are invited.  Because of this, it’s given meContinue reading “Journey of Equipping”

Misunderstood Feelers

In the spring of 2017, the Lord gave me a new gift. I began feeling in the Spirit. My stomach would ache so bad I would double over and sometimes it hurt so bad it brought me to tears. It didn’t take long to realize the Lord was trying to alert me that something wasContinue reading “Misunderstood Feelers”


One of my team members encouraged us to reach out to one other person on our team  to thank them for using their gift for God’s glory.  I received an e-mail from Jef and this is the article he included.  I read it and was amazed as it explained so much as to what theContinue reading “Gifts”

Intercessory Insight!

My mother and I went walking yesterday and she was sharing with one of her friends that she was getting to go to Israel.  As she was talking, I felt a tinge of jealousy as I feel led to go to reviveOH ::  Hancock Co. instead.  My dad had always wanted us to go together,Continue reading “Intercessory Insight!”


“But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known,  Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops.”  Luke12:2-3 What a great illustration of this…the lowerContinue reading “Reminders”


Throughout the week numerous people prayed for me.  Two individuals imparted the gifts of motherhood and adoption; for me to be able to nurture His children.  Another, prayed for me to love and impart His peace onto others.  A forth person prayed for the healing anointing to be awakened…that as I hug others it willContinue reading “Impartation”

Clarity! (word)

“He is releasing the gift of worship, the posture of worship in your heart.  You have the key to the words of knowledge, the gift of healing.  Healing anointing come in the name of Jesus.  Discernment, discernment of spirits.  You are able to walk into atmospheres as an intercessor.  I hear intercessory worship over yourContinue reading “Clarity! (word)”


During worship this morning, my stomach began hurting and I knew I had to pray against addiction.  As the intensity of the pain increased, I felt Neil (my husband) kneeling beside me.  I told him we needed to pray against addiction.  The Lord was not giving me images, I only saw darkness. This is unusualContinue reading “Freedom!”

Iron Sharpens Iron

What a fun afternoon, I went to lunch with another prophetic feeler.  It was neat as the Lord confirmed how far I had come.  The last time we went to lunch, I identified several people with critical spirits.  My friend instinctively positioned me at the table where my focus was on her and not them. Continue reading “Iron Sharpens Iron”

This means war!

The Lord has just started enabling me to discern corporate and regional level strong holds. Please pray He will continue releasing wisdom so I know what to do and can use this gift effectively to regain ground the enemy has stolen.  

Shepherd’s Crook

I received this word from a dear friend and college.  She stated the Lord gave her a vision of a shepherd’s crook.  It is defined as a multipurpose stick used for balance, examining dangerous undergrowth and for defense against attack by predators.  The crook’s main purpose is catching sheep. Your shepherd’s crook is discerning of spirits. Continue reading “Shepherd’s Crook”


What an amazing sign and wonder to see…a Bible that produces oil!  Please read the article or click on the link below to learn more and see for yourself! To see it and feel it for myself was exactly what I wanted to do…a car load of us left at 3:00 on Tuesday morning toContinue reading “Overflowing…”

What A Ride!

Mom and I rode to Ohio together.  It was neat as we both felt the same things in the spiritual realm.  As we traveled, we began asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what different things meant.  As He disclosed them, we prayed into it.  If our throat hurt, we prayed for people toContinue reading “What A Ride!”


What a beautiful time of prayer we had this morning before service.  It was neat to see how it carried over into the sermon.  During worship, I felt pain in my stomach and was able to identify it as the spirit of deception.  I went over to a prayer partner and she helped me prayContinue reading “Sunday”


Ever since I returned from Texas, I have continued having stomach aches as soon as I discern something warring in the spiritual realm.  My stomach gets to a point I am doubled over in pain. Rhonda; a friend of mine, shared Luke 13:11-13  with me. I knew it was my answer to what I neededContinue reading “Discernment”

The Enemy Is Defeated!

Right before alter call at church, my stomach began cramping intensely and I asked a friend to step outside of the sanctuary and pray with me.  I explained what I was feeling and how others have instructed me to put on my armor when this happens, but it doesn’t seem to work. She instructed meContinue reading “The Enemy Is Defeated!”


It was good getting to see my Wednesday night Bus Stop girls…A.K.A. One Breath Ministry sisters. We shared and got caught up on what had happened while I was away. Before we left, we prayed for three people to receive the gift of tongues.  When we got to the third, we knew we were notContinue reading “LOVE WINS!”

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