The Part About Revival

The Part About Revival


I just learned of an amazing testimony the Lord let me be a part of!  While I was still working at the shelter, I began counseling a survivor over the phone.  We started with 15 minute sessions, which built up to 30 minutes and then graduated to in person meetings.  During one of our appointments, I led herContinue reading “Transformation!”

A First!

This was the first outreach reviveMS held in Fulton. The team saw numerous salvations and baptisms today! It’s exciting to know we have folks in a new community equipped to share the Gospel! As we concluded, the church asked if they could pray over us. What a blessing that was!

Fulton, MS Will Be Saved!

Today Alex and I ended up ministering to a couple for most of the day. The boyfriend was a recovering alcoholic and welcomed us immediately. However, when his girlfriend Sherri found out we were there to share about what the Lord had done in our lives, she became angry. The Lord prompted me to changeContinue reading “Fulton, MS Will Be Saved!”

A New Heart

Before anyone even hit the street, someone wanted to be baptized! Whohoo! There is nothing more motivating than that to send us out with expectant hearts! As my team drove, a medical cross directly a crossed the street caught our eye. We pulled into the parking lot and began interceding for the office. I disclosedContinue reading “A New Heart”

5th Sunday

Our church does not have a traditional gathering on the months we have 5 Sundays. Instead of service, we go out of the building and into the community to share the love of Christ by praying and presenting the Gospel. We also have teams that help with projects such as moving, lawn work, etc. NoContinue reading “5th Sunday”


Crystal is new to recovery. I shared with her how I struggled knowing what to do with my time after I quit drinking until I made some friends in a Christ-centered recovery group. I stated how it was hard for me to connect with church members who never struggled with addiction or to people inContinue reading “Blessed!”

Ask and It Shall Be Given

During my dental appointment this week I was asked if I had gotten to baptize anyone since reviveTX back in 2017. I told her I had not. However, during our outreach at Ballard Park Saturday, I was given the opportunity! After training and prayer, Gary, Pam and myself stayed back with the baptismal while theContinue reading “Ask and It Shall Be Given”

Prayer Warriors!

Oh what a joy it was to get to reconnect with the prayer team in person this week! Hebrews 10:25 was a common theme during our time of fellowship: “and let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawingContinue reading “Prayer Warriors!”

The Number 3

As I was getting on the plane headed to meet the prayer team, I realized I was wearing a TN had, an AL shirt, and a MS sweatshirt. I found it interesting that Neil and I had just left the TriState Commerce Park and it includes these same three states. While praying into this, IContinue reading “The Number 3”

Great Smokey Mountains

I got to connect with my team for the first time since the pandemic! Oh, how I have missed them! During our time in Sevierville County, we walked in tremendous favor. The first place we ate together was comped by the manager. He was blown away we would come from all over the country toContinue reading “Great Smokey Mountains”

Chosen and Adopted

During our last ministry team call, we discussed the difference between having an orphan spirit verses knowing our identity as a child of God. We assessed how not walking fully in our inheritance can be debilitating. My prayer is you will watch this short video entitled Rooted and Grounded in Love and then review eachContinue reading “Chosen and Adopted”


Today was our first gathering since the pandemic. We broke out into teams and met at the mobile baptismal. Five people publicly declared their faith in Jesus by getting baptized this afternoon! What a glorious day! 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; The old has gone, theContinue reading “reviveTUPELO”

Knowing God

Today, I began chewing on the difference between God’s rest and peace. It was explained to me that God’s peace is attached to an emotion and His rest is a product of knowing who God is. Rest is an extension of me spending time in the Lord’s presence. I pray that when something happens andContinue reading “Knowing God”

A Way Out

Neil was called into work on Saturday for a protest, so we had to return from Florence two days earlier than we anticipated. Since we were back and he got off early enough, we were able to attend the second annual “A Way Out” event. I am so thankful because not only did we haveContinue reading “A Way Out”

Peace Be Still

The Lord used this fishing experience to remind me to keep my eyes on Him alone. You see…Neil took Anna, Kevin and myself to the dam to fish. The last time Neil and I were there, I got nervous as one of the pontoons had a leak and the boat was not level. I wasContinue reading “Peace Be Still”

Something New

The other day, I was outside with Trixie and Lily reading. I noticed a foul smell each time one of them would walk by. I investigated and discovered both dogs had rolled around on a dead baby bird. I used a stick to throw it over the fence and then took them inside for aContinue reading “Something New”

Sound the Alarm

I have wanted to go to this spot for over a year now and finally made it! The Lord told me to pay attention and this is what I observed. Neil and I were headed to the river to pick up his four-wheeler so he could have it for tomorrow morning’s work day at hisContinue reading “Sound the Alarm”


I caught myself telling someone the pandemic hadn’t really affected me much. I explained I had been helping clean up a rental property, so I wasn’t stuck in the same location like most. About a week later, I got the dreaded phone call from my mother stating that my dad was taken to the hospitalContinue reading “UNCLEAN”


Read this passage and identify what it says about who you are in Christ. Then, write those statements down and refer to them when you get discouraged. I promise you will be encouraged as The Word will come alive in your spirit and empower you to be more like Him! Ephesians 1  (ESV) 1 Paul, an apostleContinue reading “Challenge!”


My team felt led to go to the park. As we went separate ways, I was able to pray for a mom and her two kids from Japan. She disclosed she missed home, but is looking forward to going back to visit soon. From there, we got back in the car and ended up knockingContinue reading “reviveMISSISSIPPI”


Today, my team ended up going to the Flea Market. We divided our group and went out two by two (Mark 6:7-13). During our first encounter, we prayed healing over someone’s knee. We also were able to encourage two friends as they were seeking respite. One of their husband’s was battling cancer and she wasContinue reading “reviveTUPELO”

Breaking Down Walls

So how neat is it that Denise, Loretta, and their daughter Rebecca decided to dress like the English for the first time on graduation night?  They were the instigators for reviveINDIANA exactly 5 years ago! Lela, Mary (also former Amish) and I got to take Rebecca shopping for her first English outfit!  The Lord isContinue reading “Breaking Down Walls”

reviveSCHOOL Graduation!

What an amazing experience!  There were about 200 of us that graduated reviveSCHOOL which consisted of us plowing through the Word for 730 days straight!  I believe I was more proud of that certificate than I was about the two degrees I earned in college!   Numerous students were Amish and had never had a formalContinue reading “reviveSCHOOL Graduation!”


What a fun way to kick off the New Year!  I had three guys who resided at Broken Lives on my team.  Each shared a little about their testimony and the Lord gave me a word to speak into them.  For example, the gentleman on the bottom left shared how he wanted to be anContinue reading “reviveTUPELO”


As I was traveling to Orlando, the Kissamee sign caught my eye.  It reminded me of my first proposal…the time my high school sweetheart proposed to me.  In my spirit I heard,  first love.  He reminded me of how I reacted to my first engagement.  I was ashamed because at that time, I was still toyingContinue reading “Communion”

Highlights from 2019

Highlights from reviveWI I was able to assist with the engage week in Janesville this spring. It was a special treat, as the person I stayed with was one of the members of my reviveSCHOOL discussion group. We enjoyed getting to know one another on a personal level as we had only met over aContinue reading “Highlights from 2019”

On the Move!

reviveMISSISSIPPI’s new addition; a mobile baptismal!  When we encounter someone in the streets wanting to get baptized immediately, they can! Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19


I ran into Lela at a restaurant in Tupelo on Thursday evening and she said she was leaving out Friday morning at 6:00 headed to Grant Co.  I asked if she had room for one more and she said yes!  This was my first reviveIN city!  What a blessing!  It was emotional, as it wasContinue reading “reviveINDIANA”

Get Plugged In!

It’s good to have your charger plugged into what ever electronic device you are using…but it only helps if the charger is plugged into the power source. Translation…We can only do so much in our own strength…we need to plug into our power source, God! 1 Corinthians 6:14 – And God raised the Lord andContinue reading “Get Plugged In!”

What a Glorious Day!

This morning, I had prayer with Ray.  It was incredible!  I am so thankful for the Mining the Truth ministry and the way the Lord uses it! After lunch, Gail, Martha and I took off on foot to see who the Lord wanted to bless.  I shared that my knee began hurting and right inContinue reading “What a Glorious Day!”

Pray Without Ceasing

This afternoon, my team prayer walked downtown Englewood.  I also had the privilege to meet with a few of the National Team members about intercessory prayer.  Please be praying the Lord gives us direction and guidance into what this should look like to cover our ministry effectively. I was also able to hit the streetContinue reading “Pray Without Ceasing”


Today, our team went to pray with Max’s neighbor.  It was a treat, as I was able to play a virtual game for probably the first and only time in my life!  We had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the mom and their 4 foster children.  None of them said yes, but twoContinue reading “SONday”

Angels All Around

John, Mya, Shawn and I went to a local coffee shop and then began walking down the street.  We prayed for a 30 year old Catholic male who was delighted for someone to pray for him.  As we continued down the block, we noticed an angel spray painted on the street.  As we were observingContinue reading “Angels All Around”

Prayer Room

This morning, I was in the prayer room.  It was fun being a part of what the Lord was doing as we prayed into what was happening on the streets by reading the prayer requests coming in on the hub.  We laughed as one of the requests asked for prayer for Susan; wearing purple, who’sContinue reading “Prayer Room”


What a beautiful way to start out our time in Englewood…prayer, worship, fellowship and communion on the beach.  I’m looking forward to seeing a move of God here in FL!


How beautiful a picture!  I was able to go through the Bible and bands with my Sunday School class last week and Lucy made Jesus her Lord!  Glory!  She got baptized this morning! Then, during reviveTUPELO’s outreach, they encouraged each of us to write down a word the Lord spoke to us.  I prayed thatContinue reading “Fruit!”

4 Years!

Today’s outreach marks the 4th Anniversary of reviveTUPELO!  I love how the Lord continues moving and fanning the flame in our community! My team ended up downtown at the event called “Second Saturday.”  We were able pray blessings over numerous young families and prosperity to local business owners.  My team was amazed at how theContinue reading “4 Years!”

4 YEARS and counting!

Dear Family and Friends, Here is a brief recap of what the Lord has been doing in my life. 2015-2016 October marked 4 years since the Lord called me into full time ministry as a team member with TTR. Up to then, I worked as a victim’s advocate for a domestic violence shelter and rapeContinue reading “4 YEARS and counting!”


  It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of two years of reviveSCHOOL!  The entire ministry gathered together this week for vision casting, prayer, renewal, and fellowship!  What a joy, honor, and privilege to get to serve with this amazing team!

Future Generations!

Last year I felt the Lord instructing me to prayer walk and cleanse my uncle’s land that my second cousin is now renovating, but there was not an opportunity to do so.  Remembering how the Lord provided me with TTR team members to minister to my family last year; I knew He wouldn’t let meContinue reading “Future Generations!”


Today, Maggie, Martha and I went to a nature preserve.  The Lord ministered to Martha by revealing His love for her and her family.  And He ministered to Maggie and I by revealing how He is wanting to use the gifts He has placed inside of us to further His Kingdom and for His glory!Continue reading “Fellowship!”

A Glorious Day!

This morning, my team prayed in Tiffin.  We broke up into two’s and me and Don were able to pray with Justin, a 25 year old that had strayed and wanted discipleship; Darnel, a 50 year old who had been church hurt and also wanted someone to walk along side of him; and the ownerContinue reading “A Glorious Day!”

Pray for Tupelo!

What a beautiful way to spend the morning of my birthday!   The Lord knew exactly what I needed and what would bless me most!

reviveOH :: Seneca Co.

What a treat!  Last year, I got to ride along with my dad to reviveOH :: Hancock Co. while my mother went to Israel.  And now this year I got to ride with both of my parents to the outreach in the neighboring county as they attended their 55th class reunion!  When we were lookingContinue reading “reviveOH :: Seneca Co.”

Open Doors!

The Lord showed out today!  On the way to the church on our map, we saw youth playing basketball inside a barbwire fence.  We turned into the parking lot and prayed with a mom who had just visited her son who had been in and out of jail for 5 year.  We went inside andContinue reading “Open Doors!”


Maggie and I prayed the first weekend we had Jaden.  I was confused because I heard the Lord say go to Texas, but I knew I couldn’t because there was nobody to watch Jaden.  There was a conference I had signed up for, but I couldn’t figure out how He would work out all theContinue reading “Anointing!”

Going Deeper

This morning, we had had all the church congregations join together that had participated in reviveTX :: JimNed.  We were able to pray over the remnant and encourage them to keep going deeper with the Lord. My team ended up going to the home of a US vet and his wife was his caregiver.  TheContinue reading “Going Deeper”

reviveTX :: Jim Ned 181 people went out to pray in the community 60+ homes heard the Gospel 51 teams of 3 to 4 people 18 people born again 9 people in the remnant 7 people requested discipleship Thank you Jesus!


This morning, I was asked to co-lead prayer.  The Lord brought it to my attention that Roar Ministries broke 2 jack hammers in the ground securing the tent for us…and the Lord reminded me of the vision of the needle and heart He gave me the beginning of the year…when He revealed it only takesContinue reading “Love”


This morning my team headed out to Buffalo Gap.  We drove around until I requested we turn down Mulberry Dr. since that is my address.  We found a Recovery House on the end of the street so went in to ask if we could pray with the residents.  We were told to call back afterContinue reading “Connections!”

Kick Off!

This morning, my team went to the local middle school.  We took snacks to the teachers’ lounge and asked them how we could pray for them.  Several teachers requested prayers for the children in their classroom, one teacher was healed of shoulder pain, and we imparted peace and healing into a janitorial staff person’s heart.Continue reading “Kick Off!”

reviveTX :: Jim Ned

This afternoon, we had lunch with the pastor’s in Abilene.  Upon leaving, I needed to get my phone fixed before heading to the outreach.  I asked Deedra; who was in the parking lot, for directions to AT&T.  We began talking and I prayed with her.  She disclosed she was a mom, but had a heartContinue reading “reviveTX :: Jim Ned”


This morning my team prayed and one of my team members saw the color blue.  The color blue led us to the recovery walk and I had an amazing encounter with someone who had grown up in the foster system.  She shared what the Lord has been putting on her heart to educate the churchContinue reading “reviveTUPELO”

Divine Appointment

I felt led to take my team to a local McDonalds this morning.  The manager at this location just turned in her notice after working there her entire life!  We were able to pray for her and her new journey!  She admitted the team coming was confirmation she was making the right decision and theContinue reading “Divine Appointment”

Taylor University

Kyle brought us to Taylor University where he had his Damascus Road experience.  He shared his testimony, prayed over some of the faculty and then we went to the campus sanctuary to worship.  I took a picture of the table with the 12 stones representing the 12 disciples/12 tribes before sitting down…I began reflecting onContinue reading “Taylor University”

Psalms 37:4

This morning, Pam mentioned that she was promised a steak about 3 years ago that she never gotten and then for supper, you will never believe what the Lord provided!?! During this morning’s conversation I mentioned how I haven’t been able to find any sugar-free ice cream and low and behold, the ice cream standContinue reading “Psalms 37:4”


I had the privilege of going out with two locals today.  As we prayed for direction, the Lord gave me a vision of a left foot.  Neither one of them had any idea of a place this might pertain to, so we just began driving.  We noticed a female on a bike with a brightContinue reading “reviveYAZOO”


A few weeks ago Laura Martin asked for each of the TTR team to give Kyle a word of encouragement for his 40th birthday.  As I prayed, I heard the Lord say “coal.”  I didn’t like that word so I decided I would come back to it and pray about it later.  A few daysContinue reading “WORD”


This morning my team felt led to go to Steak and Shake.  There were numerous servers standing around because it had not gotten busy yet.  I noticed one of their names was Jonah.  I found it curious that last month brought to mind Jonah, as Aaron was about his age and I got to spendContinue reading “reviveTUPELO”


As I have been walking into the inner healing and deliverance ministry, I am seeing people find new freedom in Christ!  It was fun this year to think about not only celebrating our nation’s freedom, but also those that are experiencing personal freedom in the One reigning and ruling over all!

3 Year Markers!

I love this trip, as it marks three years since the Lord closed the door of me working in a secular environment and walking into full time ministry.  As I traveled down the same bridge I did a few years prior, I noticed the green and red markers in the water.  Before He was revealingContinue reading “3 Year Markers!”


This morning, my team felt led to go to the Elvis Presley Festival.  On the way, we noticed Gary, a homeless gentleman sitting on a bench.  We stopped and he asked us for a ride to Helping Hands.  As we dropped him off he stated we should go to the flea market as he willContinue reading “reviveTUPELO”

Care Visit

What a wonderful visit we had with this crew! Thanks to reviveMARRIAGE and the revive care team for coming to lift us up in prayer and offer our state team encouragement! Neil and I were challenged to begin intentionally praying with one another 5 mornings a week to see how the Lord honored this timeContinue reading “Care Visit”

Prayer Ministry

The Lord has been highlighting pigs to me since my trip to Wisconsin.  During the week I spent with Neil at the camp, the Lord revealed to me what the pigs meant.  He has been preparing me to begin prayer ministry so others can experience help, hope, healing and freedom.  He also has been burdeningContinue reading “Prayer Ministry”

Ready for Revival!

Holy Spirit, blow!  We are praying and believing for revival to burst forth in the delta, across the state of Mississippi, the spread throughout the entire nation!

God is Moving!

reviveTUPELO pastor’s appreciation luncheon.  Great fellowship and were connections made!  Even the mayor came and shared his desire to see Tupelo being transformed by the love of Christ!  I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses this to continue uniting our community and churches! Please pray as opening up the convention center was broughtContinue reading “God is Moving!”

Mighty Kneelers

  Wether it was in the prayer rooms, on the streets, or in the lobby…these men and women of God are prayer warriors!  What an honor battling with them all!

Becoming One!

Today, eight churches closed their doors and joined together for worship at the local fair ground.  It was a beautiful experience to see over 600 people unite under the same roof and I pray it will continue happening in future revive cities!  Team members from revive used this as an opportunity to teach the congregationsContinue reading “Becoming One!”


Loved getting to spend some quality time with the team, telling jokes, catching up, worshiping, praying, and declaring God’s Word over Janesville. Fun note:  the prophetic artist painted dandelions today during service, exactly 2 years after Mindi painted the dandelion during reviveTEXAS.

Proverbs 22:6

This morning, I had the privilege of going on a team with Mary, John, and Adelle.  Mary and I have been in a reviveSCHOOL discussion group for several months and we just got to meet one another in person at this outreach!  How fun is that?

He’s coming soon!

On the way to Xenia last week, I thought I had plenty of time to get to the opening service.  However, I pulled into the church parking lot as everyone was leaving.  Then, Alisa and I thought the trip from Greene County to Janesville would only take a short time and we walked into theContinue reading “He’s coming soon!”


Everytime I tried to be a blessing, the Lord out blessed me through these amazing folks!  What a joy and honor to get to serve along side them!

Let HIS light shine!

The pastor that I went out with earlier in the week asked me to come and pray with someone in his congregation who had back aches.  We prayed, but she said she wouldn’t know if there was a change until later.  I testified how I had seen many people healed of their pain immediately, butContinue reading “Let HIS light shine!”

Psalm 18:2

During prayer this morning, the Lord gave me a vision of a crown of thorns with drops of blood dripping from it.  Then, I heard, “you must die to self daily so I may be glorified,” amen? I had spent this morning alone, so when I found the noontime church’s parking lot full, I feltContinue reading “Psalm 18:2”

Romans 12:2

The devotion this morning centered around refreshment.  Everyone was given a mint and encouraged to eat it.  I did not because the Lord has not allowed me to eat refined sugar since July of last year. At the end, we were asked how we ate the mint…if we savored it all the way until theContinue reading “Romans 12:2”

Home Run!

Today, my team ended up at a mental health facility a crossed the street from an apartment complex.  There was a lot of foot traffic so we were able to pray for several people.  On a few of the encounters I was paired with one of the pastors who hosted revive Greene County.  His theologyContinue reading “Home Run!”

The Joy of the Lord!

This evening we had an opportunity to take supper to a transitional housing complex.  As we were talking to a single mom, I felt the Lord wanted me to pray and impart joy to her.  He also gave me a vision of a dandelion.  Because of my curiosity, I asked her if dandelions had anyContinue reading “The Joy of the Lord!”


What a fun afternoon!  My team ended up going to a park and prophesied over one another.  Eugene shared he believed Ryan was very intentional and strategic, but the Lord was going to have him do something outside of the box.  Ryan said he had prayed the Lord would give him confirmation this week aboutContinue reading “JerUSAlem”

Court’s in Session

This morning I was able to go to the court house with Jim and Eugene. The first person I prayed for was Heather.  Her boyfriend was going before the judge for domestic violence charges and she stated he had been sober for the 20 days he was in jail.  She admitted she needed to seek helpContinue reading “Court’s in Session”

Matthew 28:19-20

This morning I went to AHOP for worship and then several of us went to pray for missionaries at a nearby ranch who were going to Guyana the following morning.  We were able to go through the wristbands and Bibles with them and also pray for their trip. As we were mingling, I spoke toContinue reading “Matthew 28:19-20”

reviveOHIO :: Greene County

Aimee and I were able to reconnect with each other as we drove around to get a feeling of the city as we prayed over it this afternoon.

Proverbs 14:31

My team went to meet up with a group that ministers to the homeless.  Once a week they pull a trailer filled with different items into a centralized parking lot and give out numbers to those seeking services. When they call your number, they give each person a hygiene bag, clothing, tents and sleeping bags asContinue reading “Proverbs 14:31”


Today, I had the privilege of going out on a team with three of the men from Broken Lives Ministry.  The Lord impressed on my heart to pray for them before we hit the streets.  It was a beautiful as the pastor of White Hill prayed for one of them and I was able toContinue reading “reviveTUPELO”

My heart is full

On the way home from Ohio, Lela and I were able to drink coffee, fellowship, and pray for/with several of these precious souls.  We saw both inner and physical healings!  To God be the glory! I love getting to meet with new friends/family, reconnecting with old ones, and seeing the Lord move in the process!Continue reading “My heart is full”


This was my team this afternoon.  We were able to pray for healing with two individuals in Shipshewana.  We also slowed down longe enough to play “Connect 4” as we reminisced about what games we played as little children.


  The Lord woke me up and said release, release, release!  He revealed to me the word He had given me in Miracle City pertained to what was being birthed by Betty Love  in Yazoo City this morning!  How fun it is when He gives you a glimpse of what He wants to release onContinue reading “reviveTUPELO”


What a great way to kick off the new year at reviveTUPELO!  Before leaving, as we prayed, the Lord gave me a vision of an American flag.  Ms. Mary felt led to pray for the schools in Plantersville.  It just so happened that Grant had grown up there, so was able to take us forContinue reading “reviveTUPELO”

Highlights from 2018

Highlights from reviveTX Hebrews 10:24-25   This year I was able to join the Texas team on two separate occasions.  Red River is the poorest county in the state and the hardest ground I have ministered in so far.  I met numerous dynamic believers each serving the Lord with all their might.  Our team was able toContinue reading “Highlights from 2018”

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